HARAKIRI - a german postpunk magazine featuring local unknownerrors and protobeliebigkeit: volume 5 in 1996 had a cd with unreleased tracks by the likes of harald 'sack' ziegler, the lazy sods, bimbo krauts, sugartree, sandpit, brainpeaches and many more for your pleasure.

in the mid/too/lately/nineties HARAKIRI was a german fanzine featuring postindustrial postpraepunk praepostpunk music mostly from obscure very obscure mossley southweastgermain heartcore prepost holdschool artists and bands deeply rooted in the tradition of long gone since and ever there was to come: noise noise noise forth your undergrounds silly voodoo play!
normhormanically fixicated to/on the local axpects of of the music seances and thereforce usually featured on bewegnungen next door (stuttgart archaeology happens there in a waydeep way) we (that's me) thouhght it to be apprpriate to share some of that music with you and so hear we go wiff-with it: HARAKIRI #5 is what you will get to know right now! we are twitteready and will be on youtube: bet beforethat listen yourselvexqlusively and find owrl the bandsntracvks on the included picktaz. thang and thug you for your inobedients!

(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download)

and no: no idea who is on track #19.

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