Z.S.K.A. und autofick: live in pforzheim 1982: meta-dillett-punk und meta-meta-punk

and yes: andy was fourteen years old when he went on stage in 1982: the sounds Z.S.K.A. perroduced were andy hofmann, his guitar and his machines: nothing else. this was nonihilistpunk and we all loved it and couldn't do any better: this was dils, hitler ss, prats and tiny tim: we all were envious on his innocence, though we weren't all to much older than him: good grief, we were twenty ot twentyfour when we punked out and never stopped. but anyway: we were stoned watching andy and his machines on the 29th of may 1982: and this is difficult!
01 - tanzt
02 - plastik
03 - 14
04 - folterkammer
05 - gegenteile
06 - nichts
07 - ska
08 - mathe
09 - brutal
10 - ende
11 - zugabe1
12 - zugabe2
and 'pforzing' of course is pforzheim, not los angeles: butttt! whenthen he furnished we entered the stage and where autofick the firstt germain metatmetapunkband in the world: track 13teen is a coumplete coumcert of autofick in pforzheim in 1982: ghoul! so our programme twoday starts stats with wizz 12 tracks by our opening act; andy Z.S.K.A.blues you all away followed by an act even more difficult: the southwestgerman meta-meta-punk band AUTOFICK takes you away and nobodaddy even cares: 23orso very short songs happening right now: autofick live in pforzheim am 29.05.1982 und ihr habt ja keine ahnung!
13 - autofick live in pforzheim 1982-05-29
- ohne ahnung: pforzingen
- autofick title main
- hony soit gelobt sei!
- oikleena (früher mal ein stück von frauenklinik)
- deutscher girls
- autofick
- mg
- schnappps oi! oi! oi!
- rzheim!
- jazzmusikermusik
- eva braun
- scheissbullen
- eiscafé
- stabyoubag
- dosenbier
- mikrokosmos
- milzbrnd
- satisfaction
- 0711
- autofick
- gelobt sei was hart macht
- oiklena
- 28
- care
- vacant
- deutscher girls
- korn
- eva braun
- stech dich ab
- woukeapp
- autofick
- ende.de
autofick an diesem grossen tag in jener herrlichen stadt waren blitzkrieg gormsen und siemers als sänger, le marquis an der gitarre, uli mall am bass und chris haas am schlagzeug. puuuh!! ihr kriegt also zwölf stücke von Z.S.K.A und dreissig stücke von autofick auf einen haufen als sei es ein stück: here we gogo!

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