gigabot / metakraut recorded in the usa in 2000 / loud, snotty and completely aware of what happened in germany 1972

and this one this little gem is quite a sensation: a us-american session band that more willingly than aleatoric sounded like an extrapolated version of german kraut sounds from around 1972: there is faust, can, NEU!, early kraftwerk, guru guru and of course amon düül congloomerating in a hard driven punk scetch that will make you spring and dadadance.
when in 1999 me and fognin were collecting very short tracks from around the world that were to be released on the KLÄNG!-compilation series andy sutton sent in a one-minute-track called 'krouter' (mp3 / one minute) that was published on KLÄNG! #3 in 2000. i was deeply impressed and thought it was way too short, though it perfectly fit the concept of KLÄNG! that mostly included ruins, wreckage and stranded goods. so i asked, begged and commissioned andy to produce a 20-minute-version of that track for a future release that for a lot of reasons never was realized.
more than a year later, in april 2001, my wish and vision came true: andy sutton and some friends really did it: a long version of 'krouter' probably recorded in the winter of 2000/2001 hit my cd-player and i bounced about: it was loud, snotty and completely fallen off any edge of any space or time. great. and  it was a shame i never could publish or release it in any form or way until now. but finally: here we gogo!
gigabot for this recording were phil dürr (vox, guitars), eric högemeyer (ring modulation on guitars), robert ebeling (piano, live drums), al sutton (engineering, pro-tools, re-programming), andy sutton (master concepts, basses, pianos, programming), kurt marshke (witness) and billy rivkin on guitars. twenty minutes of kraut you never expected. and for your pleasure of course i included the very short KLÄNG!-version of that track.


Anonymous said...

Danke mein Freund! Sensational track (the 19 minute version). Loved the German music from c.68-72. Thanks. J - in Liverpool approx. 3km from Slobbery Fields! :-)

Anonymous said...

Really cool, thanks for posting this!

zigzagwanderer said...

Effin' great ! Many thanks .