the grateful dead - sugaree (a jerry garcia song, as you all know, from one of his solo recordings, played by the grateful dead everlasting and whatsoever)

sugaree. robert hunter wrote this song, jerry garcia recorded it for his first solo album in 1972 and the grateful dead played this song when ever they had the chance to do so. their first recording of this song was done live on the 31st of july 1971 at the yale university in new haven (included in this collection, of course) and the last recording of this song they probably did only yesterday: for your pleasure we have compiled a short selection of versions of this composition: sugaree.
all but one of these versions have been recorded by th grateful dead. do i really need to tell you who they were and are and will be? no. no, i won't. the grateful dead played sugaree here and then and how and live and here is what you will get to hear:

sugaree / the grateful dead:
01 - 1982-11-26 jamaica bob marley performing arts center, montego bay, freeport zone.
02 - 1971-07-31 yale university, new haven. first ever recorded version with donna and keith goodchaux
03 - 1972-08-27 veneta, oregon usa
04 - 1973-04-29 musikhalle hamburg, germany.
05 - 1972 luxembourg (?)
06 - 1972-04-16 aarhus university, denmark.
07 - 1972-05-03 paris, olympia france.
08 - 1972-05-08 munich, deutsches museum germany.
09 - 1973-12-19 curtis hixon hall tampa usa.
10 - 1972-12-11 winterland, san francisco, usa.
11 - 1978-07-15 robert hunter live new york, with larry klein on bass.

hundreds and literally hundreds of versions of sugaree and hours on end by the grateful dead can be found on sugarmegs and hooray and more and more and more rare live recordings by all of them: hendrix, cream, the 39 clocks, jefferson airplane, byrds, kastrierte philosophen, sex pistols, pink floyd und was weiss denn ich: ALLES IND DA MIT SELTENSTEN AUFNAHMEN ZU FINDEN, ALLE!!!

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)

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btw all the versions from europe are released on the 72 cd box set of europe 72