siemers an albrecht/d. (2003 post-post-fluxus devotement / 23 short very short tracks played by and deadicated to a stuttgart postfluxus artist who was not underrated in most corners of the earth)

when albrecht/d. died in february 2013 mostly unnoticed i carried on releasing his music on this here blog and next door at bewegnungen. i had known him since 1979 as being part of the stuttgart diypunk-junto as well as being a part of the worldwide art underground: his works were sold at rather high prices in japan or the usa (and still they are) but seemed to be completely unknown in germany. blurpt whatever.
a/d. was born in 1944, lived in stuttgart/germany since 1958 acted like an artist since 1966 and died in february 2013. he worked and performed with beuys, throbbing gristle, vostell, paik, saree and many more. he invented permanent instant performance. he saved raoul hausmann from being forgotten. 
his work includes: mail art: endless music: processed copies: exhibitions: installations: concerts: stamps: art into society: instant life / love / death: kinky beaux arts: abstract energy: violence permanent: his homepage albrechtd.de has vanished and lost most of its information in the process of growing old, but some content can be found on archive.org for your pleasure and patience. in 1979 he was part of the stuttgart punk & art posse: the young common time punks hated him for being an artist: but he inspired a lot of thee art core noise explorers. he remained an outsider not on the outside ignoring courses of history until his untimely death.
in 2001 albrecht/d. performed 26 spontaneous compositions on minidisc. he asked fognin to mix all these tracks into one piece for future inclusion on the now dead but might be reborne KLÄNG compilation series. fognin created 13 very very different tracks: one of these is included here as well as two of the original albrecht/d. compositions. in 2002 siemers took some of these 39 tracks (which can be found as they were played on bewegnungen) as the main raw material for some short pieces of electroacoustic plunderdrones improvised directly to his hard drive. on one track some sounds of the residents are added, one track uses nothing but the audience athmosphere from the "matinée bleue" concert on the 11th of august 2001 and one track is made of a pinkees rehearsal tape from 1983. all other sounds you may hearhere are mainly based on the original albrecht/d. recordings with some fognin folded in and were collected, treated or created by siemers.
so in 2003 siemers created and compiled 23 tracks for a release on the german retinascan label: 'an allbrecht/d.' was released on a 3"-cd-r including a lot of artwork. most of the copies circulating meanwhile have lost all of their music files, so i thought it was about time to make them available again. by the way: an albrecht/d. is ein albrecht/d. in german and to albrecht/d. in english.
so here we are: 23 tracks:

(01) md # 4 (+)
(02) 2002-02-23-#1 (+°)
(03) walzer (+°²)
(04) next (+°)
(05) 2002-02-23-#2 (+°)
(06) a4d (+°)
(07) maischbrecht/d. (+\~°)
(08) nex/d. (+²°)
(09) 2002-03-04 (+°)
(10) essener songtage (+°^)
(11) for a/d. sax (+°)
(12) atem (+²°)
(13) siemers spricht einen text von albrecht/d. (µ*)
(14) flutem (+°)
(15) rezlaw (+²°)
(16) streichholzschachtel (+°)
(17) nextt (+²°)
(18) exposé maraquee (jv) (+²)
(19) nag st (+²°~)
(20) flutemm (+°)
(21) nneexxtt (+°)
(22) an orch nung (+°)
(23) md # 10 (+)

(+) albrecht/d. - instruments, voice
( ²) fognin - treat:mix
( \) deuf - techniques
(~) art.ist.la.maisch - vox
( °) siemers - re-make/re-model
(µ*) the pinkees - 1983 rehearsal

(mp3 / 224 kbps / scans included / direct download)

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