il programma di religione: 265 very short tracks for 256 popes: noise, diy, punk, exexperimentalmental: meri von kleinsmid, siemers, dream weapon, staplerfahrer, deuf, the lolly pope, beta fish, andrea duwa, albrecht/d. and more and more and more for your pleasure

in 2002 shawn knight of the now defunct boyarm label asked me and the rest of the world to contribute to a compilation with 265 very short tracks as a tribute to each and every pope that had served the catholic church from the year 32 AD through to 2004 neglecting though one female pope and several antipopes. but never mind, 265 popes seemed to be more than enough. shawn asked for tracks not longer than 13 seconds so that 265 tracks would fit on one cd.
a lot of noise and diy artists responded to his call including meri von kleinsmid, staplerfahrer, every kid on speed, chaos through programming, anaphylaxis, bonchi, pak, andrew duke, martini bomb, signal bleed, 69 cent, bic boy, beta fish, the bran flakes and many others. out of these 265 very short cuts shawn created 66 tracks about one minute in length and each comprising four of the participating artists plus one bonus track. on dicogs you may find a complete list of all the artists involved with il programma di religione
if i remember correctly i sent in about 25 tracks created by with for stuttgart related artists, at least 18 of those can be heard on il programma di religione. most of these tracks are versions i produced especially for this compilation and these are the monikering pseudonyms of the stuttgart related artists, at least most of them: kerubim'duul (a studio project in praise of amon düül and amon düül 2), traumwaffe (kosmische young reich), DJ EE & MC D (two nephews, ten and twelve years old), D:U:R (david dufour, uwe büchele, ralf siemers, the germ cell of what was to become sturclub later on), dream weapon (traumwaffe one step beyond), herr rommel (purring in heaven. is there a heaven? i'd like to think so), lenin/mccarthy versus la maisch (the female antipope), albrecht/d. (a stuttgart postpostfluxus artists you might know), art.ist.la.maisch (the female antipope again), klänguru' (a siemers fognin deuf andrea duwa project), popeye ramone (?), siemers (nothing but a siemers), krischke thunderbyrd (for all the dead düüls), schrecklein (siemers, fognin, deuf), tin.FR (nobody knows if it really happened), van daale (part of zimt and autofick and), xtine (a mix of xtine burrough, a KLÄNG! cooperation), attraktiv und preiswert (gini fatale and siemers, 1979, a fake), and not the pinkees again (the pinkees) and that is all i guess.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download)


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