BUNT - a poem by alma larsen set to music/sound by performing artists of the european avantgarde in 1991

in 1991 viola kramer asked some of her friends and some friends of her friends to contribute to a conceptual compilation: they were asked to construe the words of a short poem by alma larsen and to treat it in any way they wanted to. about twenty very different artists co-operated in constructing fourteen tracks that change from rather cute to completely outstanding. sometimes the concept seems to overshine the music, so listen rather careful in the most literal meaning of the word.
the performing artists included norbert stein, bene gesserit, bruno meillier, roken, ronnie butler, gitta schäfer and many more, you can find the complete list of artists with rhizomatic connecting lines helping you to find more information on discogs.
now what do the words mean? though it is rather difficult to not purely translate the words verbatim and verbally but to perpetuate the sound and the hidden subliminal meaning i tried to transfer the poem:


i am not neither
i am not nor
not black
not white
nor grey not

i am
black AND white
or white
AND black
or greynot

sit back and let the evening go:

(130 mb / scans included / direct download)

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