GANG WAR! wayne kramer and johnny thunders live in 1980! BLUESROCK!

recorded live at the new york max's kansas city on the 5th of may 1980: gang war was featuring wayne kramer and johnny thunders rocking all down the drain with some songs the new york dolls, e=mc5 or the rolling stones would never have been able to play any better. and though these recordings later on were released as a complete performance on cd, this is what we got in 1987: four songs on a crackling blue vinyl semi-bootleg and we loved it.
gang war in 1980 were ron cooke on bass, john morgan on drums and of course johnny thunders and wayne kramer on guitar and vocals. this was half speed (speed!) blues punk and we loved it. listen to this:

01 - new york city
02 - i'd much rather be with the boys
03 - endless party
04 - just because i'm white...

do i have to tell you more? no, i don't. and i won't.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / scans included)

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