unlimited systems, berlin, spring 1980: heroine driven rhythm machine and noise

i saw the unlimited systems once way back in west-berlin in 1980 and bought their ep directly from their singeress the moment their performance had ended: they were boring and inspiring the same time: pluckering early eighties machines built up a wall of noise and marianne vocalized way above in the ghastly manner women (were they selfconscious or not) had to mumble and scream in these days: we knew better, of course (nico, mo tucker, renate knaupp), but we still loved her. the unlimited systems in 1980 were marianne enzensberger on vocals, ian wright huddling tapes and homad electronic devices, lena japan on guitars and ulli reetz on saxophone: i have no idea who played the bass or the second guitar: but in the age of the extinction of the author (and this was ages before tekkkNO took place) this did not matter at all.
for your pleasure here is the ep i bought the moment the unlimited systems ceased to play that evening: you get:

01 - in the morning
02 - koks kino
03 - longueur monotone (listen directly in your browser)
koks kino, though it is embarASSing as it is, references to the velvet underground (as all of their music does of course), and longueur monotone is a way too short wonderful noise. the rest is up to you and you know it all: the 39 clocks, nico, suicide, die mütter, robert rental, silver apples and chicory tip. enjoy!

(direct download / all scans included / mp3 / 320 kbps)

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