german free jazz legend albert mangelsdorff starting off rather conventional in 1958: when jazz became irrational...

yeah, great: the albert mangelsdorff jazztett: prae-prae-prae-kraut 1958: boroding and convisionentional soontobecome free jazz: the german version of conconservative coltrane-innervonations: two tunes i found on a 7"-vinyl-record i found in the black holes of my collection: albert mangelsdorff (trombone), emil mangelsdorff (alto-sax; his brother, of course, who was part of the implementing peermutation of  christianitiorgenous music into music whatsoever), joki freund (tenor), dusko goykovic (trumpet), pepsi auer (piano), peter trunk (bass) and rudi sehring on drums. alas, you know them all!
listen to din a-bop (written by joki freund) and tower blues (written by pepsi auer)

(mp3 / 320 kbps / linke maustaste zum anhören / rechte maustaste zum speichern / und wenn ihr speichert: vergesst die bilder nicht! - click left to listen, click right to download, don't forget to download the pictures!)

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-Otto- said...

The back cover of this 45rpm is quite a mirror of West-German Befindlichkeit - including "Das Lied der Mutter", or "Verlorene Heimat", or even "Marschlieder". I guess we were supposed to be encouraged to "collect 'em all!"