the exile: brock from the grave: 1977 punk or at least that's what they say it was or is or crucify the dj!

well, this is quite simple: i don't know nothing, discogs does know nothing. google does know nothing, the punks don't know nothing, the straights don't know nothing, we all don't know nothing and we all don't bloody care!

the exile from glasgow had one ep released on their own label in 1977 and a single on charly in 1978 and then they vanished in the haze: their records change hands for ridicilous high prices and i thought you might like to hear them before you go hunting on ebay.
the exile were graham scott on vocals and guitar, stan workman on guitar, robert kirk on bass and vocals and dougie burns on drums. they played proto-post-blabla-post-punk, rather slow and neatneatneat. there was no way to like them not or at all. well.

listen to:

01 - jubilee 77
02 - hooked on you
03 - fascist dj
04 - windmill

you have heard it all before, but i love it.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)

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