SHOX - rather charming british pop from 1980 from a rather expensive 7"-vinyl-record and you might rather like it or you won't (wtf, you know, all modern people - whatever 'modern people' are - say wtf!)

hell, yes. nobody knows anything about SHOX and what they know is completely irrelevant: their singer jacqui brookes (and if you look close enough - and you will - she is not all too far away from cosey fanni tutti and her innocent pornposing) though had been in bands like intro and siam, the others haven't even vanished in the haze. but i love their mix of blondie and young marble giants; es zwingt zum mitsingen, und du singst immer falsch.
both tracks from their one and only single are can be heard here, mixed as one, sing-a-lone! hier sind sie als, diese SHOX, haltet euer bierzelt bereit!
(mp3 / 320 kbps / linke maustaste zum anhören / rechte maustaste zum speichern / und wenn ihr speichert: vergesst die bilder nicht! - click left to listen, click right to download, don't forget to save the pictures!)

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