1969 deutschland: aschaffenburg: the people: the difference between folk and volk is that we got brains: and we're gonna use them!

the people: what a bloody bescheuerter name und was für ein genialer name im nachhinein (nicht im hinblick auf die internet-suchmaschinen: wie ihr wisst war ich 1980 in einer band namens 'attraktiv und preiswert' und es ist die hölle danach zu googeln!) the people the folk das volk die bevölkerung: zerrissen uneindeutlich in widersprüchen: the people.
the people from aschaffenburg were bernd heyder, angelika find and frank eberhardt, all three of them singing, playing guitars and soundeffecting some very (not: rather) soundeffects. this 1969 recording does not sound all too far from current 93 and the folk (!) who came out to imitate their music.

and when i thought nobody would know anything about the people: along came the german rock pages and turned my head on backwards: all and everything you should might want and get to know about the people had been collected in there. and butt heyhey that's me: they know that this single had been released on the fifteenth of february 1969, but they ain't got no picture of it but i have!!!! fuck, yeah, so listen to it!

the people / aschaffenburg  / germany 1969

01 - the ballad of springhill
03 - walk me (morning dew)

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included /direct download)

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