der favorit / germany 1981 / pope john paul II / mark chung just before he joined einstürzende neubauten

this is mostly what the headline says: der favorit was a german not-all-too-harsh-noise unit in 1981 that for these-here recordings featured mark chung on bass and karel wojtyla aka the pope on vocals. the drummer axel dill had been part of blender, a bremen/hamburg punk band, and bodo dretzke was later on better known as the photographer for the covers of some records by ideal, zatopek and the lassie singers. mark chung, of course, played the bass for abwärts and einstürzende neubauten.
die bundesrepublik deutschland was the federal republic of germany, eight years before the german reunification. mostly harmless, as you might remember.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)

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