RLW aka ralf wehowsky aka eaRLy W / four exclusive tracks commissioned and submitted for the KLÄNG-compilations in 2000 / very hard to find, one of these tracks is released here for the first time ever / experiments in noise and (t)error

in 1999 i asked RLW aka ralf wehowsky aka eaRLy W to contribute some unreleased sounds to KLÄNG, a short lived series of compilations featuring rarely heard music from all over the world. in march 2000 he sent in four short tracks and encouraged me to release them in any way that i wanted to. for KLÄNG #2 and #3 i used three of his tracks, the fourth (digital errors 91027) remained unreleased until now.

in march 2000 ralf sent in an unlabelled cd-r with a handwritten cover, the accompanying letter was printed on telefax paper and has become almost unreadable throughout the years, some catchwords and some padding creating some metatextual newsense and in/no/sense, the kind of sin/is/there that we both like a lot.
this is what you want, this is what you get:

01 - eaRLy W - Nachtgebet (1980)
02 - RLW - Digital Errors 91027 (1991)
03 - RLW - Digital Errors 94019 (1994)
04 - RLW - Schöner # 3 (1999)

(please note that i desisted from radically using only small letters, as you might be used to in this-here blog, in favour of providing an insight into the original source)
(320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)

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