jean-jacques burnel / euroman cometh / the experimental 1979 album / plus a 35 minutes live recording from 1979 / the eutopia that never happened / but should have for the sake of us all / deutschland nicht über alles!

in 1979 jean-jacques burnel realeased this wounderful gruntbreaking album: a cordialistick vision of an unbordered and friendly europe, surmounting and negotiating the concept of narrowminded nations, open for every body and still laughing about preponderancejackulation. the picayunish punks of course stood by to hail to an other stranglers album and all they got was a slow moving slow mourning slowowowly melting cup kap of punk (and punk the fuck is not not not punkrock!) in a nevermind.
"warum waren soviele deutsche frauen baader meinhof mitglieder?" fuckyeah exploiting the verying differentering aspects of the lyrics is coumpleteley asshole underless you lived and survived the europe/ean tseffenties and i did four fives sax. the textes are layers own layers own layers and always different and always the same semen.
moist of the amusick was built by jean-jacques burnel himself; on the live-tracks he was supperorted by john ellis on guitars, peter howells on drums and the wonderful penny tobin on keyboards. all this is the stranglers, but you were not.

(mp3 / more scans included / direct download)


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