hawkwind live in space 1990 / 30 minutes of sheer sonic attack / released on stampa alternativa in italy 1991

these recordings were released on a free cd accompanying the book "hawkwind - the never ending story of the psychedelic warlords" that came out in italy in 1991 and is now almost 25 years later rather hard to find. the book contained a short history of hawkwind, some of their lyrics transferlated to the italian language, an abbreviated version of their family tree, some photos and graphical reminders and a very short and not all too elaborated discography. i bought the book for the cd, of course.
the cd contains only one file, 30 minutes long, with six tracks played seamlessly. there is no hint where and when it was recorded (somewhere somehow in 1990, of course), but most likely discogs seems to be right: you will hear dave brock (aka dr. technical), alan davey, richard chadwick, harvey bainbridge and the wonderful bridget wishart on vocals, the bridgehead to the sound of amon düül 2 as far out as my ears can go. i really love this very special line-up of hawkwind and i especially love the song 'images', all five versions i own on repeat 24 hours a day.
so here we go:

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


zigzagwanderer said...

Excellent , thankyou .

mahendra singh said...

Hawkwind goes well with work! thanks!