kraut angst yeti / amon düül II / angel dust / live in berlin 1972

there is a lot of amon düül II recordings gathering (dust) somewhere around the web and if you look close enough you will find these-here somewhere else as well; but this is my copy of that particular cd and i thought you might like to hear it: amon düül II live on whitsunday the 20th of may 1972 at the berlin sportpalast.
amon düül II in these times most probably were renate knaupp (henriette krötenschwanz) on vocals and percussion, chris karrer (guitars, violin, vocals), john weinzierl (guitars), lothar meid (bass and vocals), falk uwe rogner (synthesizer, mellowtrone and other keyboards) and peter leopold on drums; the organ, though, sometimes sounds as if karl-heinz hausmann was on stage, too.
it is a lot of fun (though the recording quality is rather lo-fi) to hear them stumble and fall through their regular setlist fighting with the stolen or lent public address system and to hear them succeed and overpower everything that had bean heard before. yeah. the editors of this-here cd muddled and messed up the tracks, but that doesn't mince or matter: what you get is something like this:

01 - archangels thunderbird
02 - soap shop rock
03 - improvisation
04 - syntelman's march of the roaring seventies
05 - zugabe

please enyoy and download:

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

(and for more music of amon düül and amon düül II please follow the label/tag on the right/ride sight/side of this-here blog, come on!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great treasure !!

Martin said...

Someone speaking german once told me some audience member on that bootleg were booing the band...