hugh hopper / 1984 miniplusluv / the expanded japanese version expanded / and don't the kids just hate it??!!

by the turn of the years 1972 and 1973 the last album hugh hopper recorded with soft machine was 'SIX'. of course. the only composition he adjoined the band with was '1983', a long loop improvisation that layered the basis for his humongous huge work '1984' that he recorded in 1972 with some of his friends and that was released in 1973 after all. in 2007 '1984' saw a rerelease in japan with some bonus tracks: alternative versions that were unheard before and nobody knows where they got them from. and for your listening pleasure i added an alternate alternate version of 'minipax I' and a version of '1983' that hugh hopper recorded with the 'new' soft machine in hamburg in 1973.
okay. some of these sound have been created by hugh hopper and his bass guitar and some looops he prepared and arranged, and some of these sounds have been created by a 'band' built up in various combinations and co-figuration: hugh hopper on bass played halfways spontaneaous instant compositions with john marshall (drums), lol coxhill (sopransax), pye hastings (guitar), gary windo (tenorsax), and malcolm griffiths and nick evans on trombones. (please note the oxford comma!)
the original album was released in 1973 with tracks 01 to 06. track 07 was a bonus track added to the first cd release of the album, tracks 08 to 13 came out with the japanese version of the cuneiform cd in 2007. track 14 is an alternate version of the alternate version of 'minipax I' that was released on the gary windo compilation 'his master's bones' in 1996 and track 15 was recorded live in hamburg in 1973 with hugh hopper on bass and prepared tape loops, john marshall on drums, karl jenkins on keyboards and woodwinds and mike ratledge on keyboards. 
most of you of course will know most or all of the tracks, but this is a compilation i tinkered for my own listening pleasure, it clocks in at 79 minutes and a half, and i thought it could be fun to share it with you.

download 1984 miniplusplus


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Thanks again for this, another listening challenge.
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