new grenada from detroit paying their tribute to the dead kennedys, the buzzcocks, the germs, the angry red planet, the bad brains, the minor threat and black flag with 16 minutes of mayhem punk noise in 2002

a cute nice funny little gem i found deep down in the black holes of my record collection: new grenada from detroit covering punk songs from the late seventies and early eighties that their motorcity madhouse parents had brought them up with. a 3"cd with seven tracks that shawn knight (one of their early members and the founder of the now defunct boy arm label where this record was released) sent to me when i contributed some of my own music to his 265 popes compilation.
when new grenada recorded iron triangle in 2002 they most probably were john nelson (vocals and guitars), dave melkonian (bass) and monday busque on drums, but it sounds as if a lot of their friends were present as well to help them in the free form parts of this record.

01 - hyperactive child (dead kennedys) (listen!)
02 - boredom (buzzcocks)
03 - lexicon devil (the germs)
04 - mediocrity (angry red planet)
05 - the regulator (bad brains)
06 - in my eyes (minor threat)
07 - damaged (black flag)

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