action time vision lemon and sham / recognising and appreceating the mutual roots / alternative television and sham 69

and this one goes out to all you naughty little punk hearts out there: a chance meeting of ATV and sham 69 on my dissecting table: old punks will never die as long as they menace the status quo.
and of course i'm not bothering to bore you with any band biographies, discographies or any hystorical subsumption of the unmeasurable influence these two bands had gathered all throughout the years: in case you don't know you will at least know where to read all about it.
ATV with mark perry as their driving force of course is also known as alternative tv or alternative television or alternative t'television or alternative to television in chronologically descending order, and sham 69 are sham 69. 
sham 69 released their tribute to mark perry and ATV in 1993, a winking hard rock punk version of the ATV signature tune, while ATV recorded and released their tribute to the THE ramones song that gave its name to the eponymous fanzine mark perry edited and published since 1976 in 2004. the very limited vinyl edition of this song is still available in the shop on the official homepage of mark p. and ATV, so please buy this and any other sound storage medium of ATV and sham 69 that you may find.
and what you can find here of course are both the full extended play cds of both of the tributes to the elder gods, all tracks are converted to mp3 with 320 kbps, all scans are included and you can download all and everything directly. but if you are in a tearing hurry, just listen to ATV by sham 69 and/or now i wanna sniff some glue by ATV directly in your browser, just click on the tracks.

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