a kraut legend: staff carpenborg and the electric corona 1970: the legendary dance nihilismus plus a bonus track

ahahand it sounds like a mell/anger of doldinger, amon düül (2), the dinger brothers and varyearlie kraftwerk: an unknownanymous german band, probably from the munich area51, that recorded a totalkrautfreakout for a german budgetbilliglabel in 1970 with only very little reference to annyantetypes: an unconscious protodancemuzack intenderend to be a lightshaking background music for higherest societerons lounge paddys: the fantastic party of staff carpenborg and the electric corona!
way back in the nineteeth i found this gem on a german hinterland fleamarket and pretty soon it became the holy greyle of the compilers of 'kraut! demons! kraut!' and/oryouknowthemall 'obscured by krauts / kraut bloody rageous' et cetera et cetera whatwitch i had the inflammable honour of being part of themthesethose. some tracks and traces of staff carpenborg can be found on the mentioned and other kraut compilations: in 2006 we gave the remastered and expanded compactcassetteversions to ewige blumenkraft and they released it on a cd and allen voran wrote the linernotes that will tell you all and so this is all.

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


Anonymous said...

For long time looking for CD or better quallity rip of the album

FALCON`S - FEVER (Hansa 1970)


the saucer people said...

Many thanks for this gem! I remembered the name Staff Carpenborg and the Electric Corona from your splendid Kraut! compilations (it is a name that is hard to forget after all), but I had no idea the tracks came from an entire album of his material.

To be honest, when I first saw the post, I thought it was a long lost Heribert Thusek and Horst Ackermann album (of Science Fiction Corporation/Vampires of Dartmoore infamy), one that Finders Keepers had neglected to hoover up in their reissue frenzy!

All kudos to you for digging up this uber-rarity in a German flea market - it is those moments that make all the endless hours, days, months, years of searching, so worthwhile.