tangerine dream live in 1969 / the legendary berlin bath tube performance

this is a short excerpt of a concert tangerine dream executed in berlin on the potsdamer platz in 1969, remembered as the 'bath tube concert' for reasons unknown. this fragment was part of a programme about kraut and krautrock the west german broadcasting (WDR) televized way back in 2007.

you can see klaus schulze on drums, edgar froese on guitar, and the guy with the bass guitar most probably was kurt herkenberg. as far as i can see and guess some members of the audience were involved in that performance as well, but not even conrad schnitzler or any other member of the early tangerine dream tribe can be seen or heard.

you may watch the embedded youtube-video or you can listen to or download the mp3-file i ripped off. it's fun time!

tangerine dream - the bath tube performance 1969