arch duo / derek bailey and evan parker / live in california on the 17th of october 1980

and yes, it is exactly what it says in the headline: derek bailey on electric and acoustic guitars and evan parker on tenor and soprano saxophones, live on the 17th of october in 1980 at 1750 arch street in berkeley, caliphonia, usa. a very fine example of european free improvisation for your pleasure.
this wonderful cd has been released by the evan more wonderful rastascan records label in 1999 and has rightly been sold out ever since. i would like to advise you to buy all the records rastascan released, as i did, before they fade out and sink away and vanish in the deeper black in the space between the stars. go ahead and grab what ever you can afford!
do i really have to deadicate these recordings to the adepted and can anyone uninitiated really understand what you are going to be listening to? no.

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


Mark said...

Amazing! Wonderful stuff! Two masters demonstrating their, well, mastery.

Thanks for bothering.


Anonymous said...

It is not possible to have too much Derek Bailey, not possible... thanks very much for this!