grateful dead / the aoaxomoxoa outtakes / yes, that's right: aoaxomoxoa

everybody is doing the grateful dead and they love it: they love to be bootlegged, so why don't you? i won't keep you hanging on: so i do. here is my 49 cents of barbed wire, my delayered fuelhateboredlake: the aoaxomoxoa outtakes as the italian bootgrabbers coined it; not the aoxomoxoa outtakes as you might know them; just look at the cover, horneydeer!
so this is just what it says or literally doesn't: outtakes from the aoxomoxa sessions plus some demo tracks et cetera: i have not the slightest idea if any of this is true: i'm not a deadhead at all, i just love them, but i can't recite the content of their bootlegs at all. i love this one because the bootleggers got the name of their most famous records wrong and because discogs doesn't list or mention it at all and because anyway.
anyway, amazon is offering this record for 250 dollar, and on ebay you may find it for something like 100 dollar. of course you might care for the misprint, but here is your chance to listen to what you will get for the money you like to spend. up to you, up yours!

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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Mark said...

Wonderful stuff! Thanks very much.