popol vuh / florian fricke spielt plays mozart / plus some more

popol vuh always were strictly second class of kraut with a few slip-ups touching down the premier league. i always loved them, but my collection of their works only grew up by chance, not by intention. but as their first two albums were absolutely outstanding and as florian fricke was a member of the zeit- and phallus dei-posses that valuation was very much my own fault. they were kosmische musik as hell and i am feeling awful for underestimating them all throughout those years. the wonderful website that dolf mulder runs in the netherlands humiliated my lame opinions quite a lot.
in 1991 florian fricke decided it was about time to pay tribute to one of the ancestors of the dinky-cute aspects of german cosmic music. he recorded an album of rather straight mozart compositions, very digital and with a loving distance. this was irritating, and i never got to love these tracks. burt, anyway, i thought you might like to hear what he did to mozart; and as this album changes hands for some 40 or 50 euro on discogs i thought you might also like to hear what you will get when you are going to spend such a lot of money.
there is a lot of fricke music rather close to my heart, but this one is not, unfortunately. i would like you to listen to it and decide for your selves.
for your listening pleasure i added some semirare popol vuh tracks that might outweigh mister fricke's rather unemotionatival inerreterprations of mozart: you will get three mixes of city raga they released in 1994 as a maxi-cd, their 1971 version of bettina live at the german beat-club that turned up on a tangerine dream bootleg, and a short excerpt of a 1975 live concert in milano.
so this is what you get:

florian fricke spielt plays mozart:

sonate c-dur kv 330
01 - allegro moderato
02 - andante cantabile
03 - allegreto

04 - rondo f-dur kv 494
05 - adagio h-moll kv 570

sonate b-dur kv 570
06 - allegro
07 - adagio
08 - allegretto

09 - city raga (inside joy radio mix) 1994
10 - city raga (inside joy mix)
11 - city raga (mystic house mix)

12 - bettina (beat-club 1971)
13 - improvisation (1975, live in mailand)

so there.

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


Alan Burns said...

Many thanks for this, love Fricke and Vuh but never heard the Mozart album.

Reimer said...

Looks a wonderful package. I'm glad you have revised your opinion of the magnificent PV. I haven't heard this Mozart recital. If you ever come across Florian's private-press 'The Earth And I Are One' please share it with the rest of us.

Vielen Danke


Anonymous said...

thanks for the obscure mix!

Anonymous said...

amazing blog!
please can you reup florian fricke plays mozart. Thanks

rvd said...

mozart and fricke are back again, please enjoy.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for uploading! very nice!