ornette coleman prime time / live in east-berlin 1988 / un-bricking the wall

one year before the bricks in the berlin wall crickled and crackled, an one and a half year before the berlin wall fall: ornette coleman and his prime time live at the friedrichstadtpalast in east-berlin on the 5th of june 1988. two electric guitars, two electric bass guitars, two drum sets and one horn: the wall wobbled, waggled and wiggled: it was fun (hey, baby, we like your lips) and it all swung, swung, swung.
eversince jazz music and avantgarde noise have been two of a very few evacuation routes for the unsupportive intellectuals of the german democratic republic; the non-imperialistic and anti-fascist impact of experimental music has most of the time been accepted by the authorities of the gdr, because they did not realize or accept that free-minded anti-capitalistic music could be turned as well against a sanctimonious socialist state. so they fell, and we are still standing.
in the moon of june 1988 prime time were ornette coleman (altosax, trumpet, vocals, everyanything), charles ellerbee and bern nix on guitars, al mcdowell and chris wilker on bass guitars, and denardo coleman and calvin weston on drums. they ran through a set of lightminded heaviness like the free jazz version of the grateful dead turning off the screws and going off the rails: wondadaderawful chainsewswinckinck liveration of jezztering grimsmirkiness inner cloughsiness in and out of timendspace. wonderful.

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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very nice, thanks for this ornette rarity, rvd! :)