requiem / a lost kraut obscurity / an undermoulderated overestimafittation released in1978

no, nothing: the punks don't know nothing, the krauts don't know nothing, and discogs don't know nothing, and we all don't bloody care. recorded in bad homburg in 1978 this latelaid kraut-gem does not show up anywhere on the net or else. these five longhaired young people must have been totally immune to the up and coming punk experimentations that happened nearby the same year; their music collapses rather close to an overestimation of their own capability of being more than able to being able to impersonate an impersonification of amon düül 2 dead ahead. they are shipwrecking in a very obscure lane of shipwreckers and it's all too beautiful.
the lolly pope and i always loved this record and had it an the shortlist for our kraut and prae-kraut compilations (they can be found in this-here blog by following the tags) for years, but we or they never really made it. by the way, the lolly pope added a short note to this record:
four know pertercular reamsound nor rhyne you may lisssen to this longlocustlittle idgem right now, bothides served ass one, and if you lie kid, don't forget to safe the pictures as they are here. lalala, go!

(click left, click right, you know it, don't you!)



PHSStudiosRJ said...

Very good!!!

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

found it today - seems interesting - please can you reup - THANKS A LOT

rvd said...

requiem is back again; thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

thanks for reup! great!