trümmerfrauen / berlin 1982 / all girl independetritus apophysical p(r)unk

besides an mc in an edition of 40 copies this 7''-record is the only relic of the berlin all girl postdiypunk band trümmerfrauen, released on the rather famous zensor label in 1982. as it changes hands for a rather high price on discogs i thought you would like to hear what you are going to spend your money on.
almost nothing is known about the whereandwhenabouts of the artists involved, they all seem to have vanished in the haze. the music is simple and simply wonderful, a stomping dilletantastic noise with pink and black flashes, the singer is wonderful in the all too few moments she is not artificially affected in a completely excruciating emphasis. so at least four out of nine minutes are great, the rest should be heard as a contemporary witness of the underestimation of one's own capabilities and the assimilation of rather boring anglo-american post-punk. so they are good when they are searching for their own kind of art-iculation, and they are excruciating when they try to out-banshee the banshees. 
their dilletantioism unfourtunately did not end as an in itself, and so their aiming and even shooting at higher grounds failed and shipwrecked in the dogyard. as they remind me a lot of the stuttgart all girl band frauenklinik i must say the stuttgart version of dilletantism collapsed on a plateaux way beyond the berlin version, more inhabited in itself than learing at the record industry. but guess for your beautiful selfishies:

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hi just wondered if you had the snappers 1968 german only album