classical punk! the london punkharmonic orchestra playing punk classics: pretty vacant, white riot, teenage kicks, hersham boys, sheena is a punk rocker and whatever you love to singalong with!

yeah, that's it. punk classix to be enjoyced themselfishs on an idleastick sundaisy arfarfternoon; hearwegoal! the london punkharmonic orkestra ripped them all orff in 1995; twenty years after all they were dead and gone: the buzzcocks, the sex pistols, the only ones, the damned, the stranglers and all the others, extcepteraring alternative t'television, blondie, the lurkers, wire, the germs and some more; but you can't fnord them all in one place the same time with the same concept, can you?
hornyway, honey. the corencept iss juist wot it says: songs you owl know ant ken sink-a-long with playgued for pair-rents and grainchilderen: poe and go, my litter follovers!
and eye murst say its funfunfun auf der autobahn; and fouryour pleasure i addit twotracks that jonathan king realized in 1977 undread the assname ass elizabeth; satts track 19 chorelled 'god save the sex pistols' ant trace 20 is 'silver story' buy elizabeth; and they booze fit in as whell. and thats itfoulnow andiscocks.

(allmp3, scanz inclouded, direct donlord)

listen to the best sunk in the wood, listen2 'anyother grrrl, anoza playnet' diröctly in your braunsir; you weisswurst how it goose, donnert you!! orrr lissen to the stranglerettes and the dread kennedys simultaneaousley (ger-man vers-ion) foreign instandtly satorisfying satori.


Horst said...

Eine echte Überraschung, herzlichen Dank

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Wow! Thanks! Great blog.