slow entertainment: the stuttgart postfluxus artist albrecht/d. live in göppingen 1991 with steffen bremer and jochen zunker

slow entertainment was a working group that included the stuttgart postfluxus performance artist albrecht/d. on drums and selfmade instruments, mark-steffen bremer on saxophones and jochen zunker on bass. this line-up was the constant nucleus of an open concept for live sound actions from sometime-around 1989 up to albrecht's untimely death in 2013 and introduced on&andoffcollaborations with a lot of artists and musicians, including the likes of franz dreyer, carsten fänger, ben presto, reverend man manly, der mußikant, fognin, my beautiful self, kristjan klasinc, thomas renkenberger and many others.
while administering the estate of albrecht/d. a lot of tapes and videos came to see the light of daisies; hours on end of unreleased and coumpletely unknown performances were unearthed. little by little, step by step we will index and register these finds, and from time to time we will edit and publish some of the music and performances we found in this here blog, on youtube and vimeo, on the albrecht/d. homepage or whatever we find appropriate. 
today you can listen to the core slow entertainment group including as mentioned before jochen zunker, steffen bremer and albrecht/d. in a live performance in the now defunct kunstraum in göppingen, executed on the fifth of may 1991 during an exhibition of the works of kari bauer. you can hear the complete performance (64 minutes), seamless and without any corrections or overdubs as it was found on a dvd-copy of a lost dvd-master. additionally we uploaded a video of the first set (33 minutes) to vimeo and you may enjoy it right there.
we hope you will enjoy the show: please note: as we decided not to include a .rar- or .zip-file you can listen to the 64-minutes-performance directly, but if you want to keep the pictures you must download them separately. so sit back and let the evening go-go!

(these flyers, as you will have noticed, are not part of the göppingen performance and are included only for your information and some further research)

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