when we were young: roxy music live in london 1972 and in bremen 1973

it was very late one summer night in 1972 when i first heard 'virginia plain' on radio luxembourg 208 metres medium wave, and it completely changed my life. finealley this was the aggregation of karlheinz stockhausen, the troggs, revolution #9, amon düül 2 and david bowie that i had dreamt of the whole summer long; and it arouse outoff the knowledge of all these components and was radically new and overwhelming the same time, the trancevaluation of all values. and no-one older than 25 could even imagine to halfways understand what was happening. so for the next four years my life was all hawkwind and faust, king crimson and kevin ayers and gong and velvet underground, and when punk broke loose in 1976 it was still roxy music who had started and invented it all; my life was saved by rock and roll and bryan eno; never mind the frying pun when you are the oven.
here you can hear how it all began: bryan ferry, brian eno, andy mackay, phil manzanera and paul thompson with a little help from graham simpson, rik kenton or john gustafson on bass captured live in session for the bbc 'sounds of the seventies' show in 1972 and 1973 and live on german tv at the radio bremen musikladen in 1973. some more information can be found on discogs; would you believe. (by the way: next door in my highdeeply recommanded blog bewegnungen i am shareing some roxy music live recordings that were broadcasted on german tv in 1973 and 1974; just take a look)

so listen to

01 - the bob
02 - would you believe
03 - sea breezes
04 - re-make / re-model
(4th of january 1972, sounds of the seventies)

05 - pyjamerama
06 - editions of you
(5th of march 1973, sounds of the seventies)
07 - virginia plain (the bob (reprise) on the cover)
08 - if there is something (secret song on the cover)
(18th of july 1972, sounds of the seventies)
09 - in every dream home a heartache
10 - do the strand
(musikladen, german tv, february 1973)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


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