4IN1 / pseudo code, mecanique vegetale, etat brut et human flesh / a tape with four belgian bands released in 1982

the arcane side, the mysterious sight, the occult signs, the unsearchable sighs of the belgian postpunk postindustrial underground. pseudo code, mecanique vegetale, etat brut et human flesh executionearing their versions of lo-fi home-made ritrewal tridal mustique for a metanew commournity of outsizers: mysoterick punque floroarrating as hermetick ordeurs of blasphemenous fervidness.
their instruments were cheap and easy to coumtrol, their minds were set out as unconscious un-entities of operating titones and they vent out to dorse it. the belgiogoning beings have never been a caitiff state of a nationalist nationation, but always a wide open straight of mynde. these sounds are hypertopic cradlogades of underclaimed submetamaps of nevernerve-a-terriotories that hop-e-fully will be a-happening in a-coming noonday sumn, as nietzsche foreboulded.
some information on the four bands involved can be found on discogs, the place where you can buy this-here tape for a minimum of 39 euro. you won't, won't you?

so hears what you get:

01 - mecanique vegetale - incantations cyclique
02 - mecanique vegetale - lamentations (listen directly in your browser)
03 - mecanique vegetale - zona periodica
04 - mecanique vegetale - sick soldier
05 - pseudo code - le gange
06 - etat brut - sollicitation extérieure
07 - etat brut - psychosomatique
08 - human flesh - total recall
09 - human flesh - T.I.N.A. 74
10 - human flesh - matin promenade
11 - human flesh - airport (your selfish mind) (listen directly in your browser)

download the belgian underground from 1982
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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