achim reichel and machines / live in hamburg 1973 / erholung! / minimal kraut for your pleasure / a power meditation mess

hamburg! reeperbahn! grosse freiheit! kaiserkeller 1962! starclub 1963! the beatles supporting achim reichel and the rattles! achim reichel, the blondest blondel of all blond superstars! a wild weared weird time was guaranteed for all! the beat was a-happening, and achim reichel was the mastermaster of all ceremonikers! it was easy, it was cheap, and we're all paining and pining and a-longing for all theses short mo(nu)ments of the purest of truth that we could have had experienced if only we were old enough, though those that are old enough have turned into boring old morons and that's not et cetera et cetera.
when the beat went on and away, achim reichel let his hair grow and sunk into his kind of power meditation: deeply influenced by mininimalists like terry riley and la monte young he sucked in the power of the emerging experimental kraut and teutronic noise and trancefoamed it onto a new level of undercosciousnessecity using hinterbandkontrolle, displaced delay and addlepated pedal power. it was a funderstorm most people didn't even notice; but at least robert fripp learned a thing or two.
the album erholung was recordered live in the fabrik in hamburg in 1973, and was the last experimental album achim reichel ever did before metamorphazing into a heroe of the german neue deutsche welle and an impersonator of "i was the beatles long before the beatles" for german television oldies shows on sunday mornings. but still he looks great, and his music is not always all too boring, if i may pidgin it out this way. thank you.
on the force of august 1973 the hamburg fabrik saw achim reichel on guitars and machines, jochen petersen on saxes and flute, peter franken on drums, and olaf casalich of ougenweide fame on percussion. they executed four long tracks, and that was way too short.

01 - gute reise
03 - alles inklusive
04 - erholung

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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