back door / pure and raw blues / bbc and live recordings 1973 to 1974

when in the early seventies everyboredy fumped their hearts out on conceptualysed artartrock the three or four valiant knights of back door sat down and reduesed to the blues bare to its bones: just one or two and a half instrummints, an unexorcised voice, and the irrepressible and ungouvernable pure will to refoam the blues an nothing but the blues. stripped down dry and in search off eddie's eternal sempitermal riff.
so we got ron aspery (sax, flute, e-piano), colin hodgkinson (bass, vocals), and tony hicks (drums) on all of these tracks, and dave macrae (e-piano) on some. for the last six tracks there is a rumour going on that alexis korner can be heard on guitar, but that'some thing i could not verify at all.
tracks 1 to 14 are from the cd the human bed that had been released in 2002 on hux records and has long since sold out.

01 - vienna breakdown
02 - blue country blues (listen directly in your browser)
03 - captain crack up
04 - when you've got a good friend
05 - adolphus beal
06 - human bed
07 - fanny wiggins
08 - walkin' blues
09 - louisiana blues
10 - slivadiv
11 - the spoiler
12 - tb blues
13 - blakey jones
14 - the dashing white sargeant (listen directly in your browser)

following now are six tracks from the bootleg compilation don't dare to forget that were recorded in london in 1973 and had been rereleased on vinyl in 2013; both editions are rather hard to find these days.

15 (01) - folk song
16 (02) - roberta
17 (03) - linin' track
18 (04) - forget me daisy
19 (05) - blue county blues
20 (06) - his old boots

so if you like underpsychoredialisised blues without all the bells and whistles, here's the place for you to stay. at least this time; the next post will be something coumpletely different.

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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