i dig everything: early david bowie: singles and demos from 1964 to 1966, and the beckenham demos from 1968

two editions of early singles and/or demos stuffed together to fit on one cd with 77 minutes: a lot of stuff david bowie recorded between 1964 and 1968. first there are some 42 minutes of some (well-known) singles and some (not so well-known) demos that had been released as early on (1964-1966) in 1994 and have long since been gone, meanwhile changing hands for half of a monthly salary; if you are earning 800 euro a month, that is. and second of all we got the beckenham demo tapes that david bowie is said to have recorded in his living room in the december of 1968. 
so let us start with 17 tracks david bowie recorded between 1964 and 1966 as davie jones, davy jones, as a member of the manish boys, and with the lower third featuring jimmy page and the buzz. you can figure it all out in the accompanying booklet.
so here we gogo:

01 - davie jones with the king bees - liza jane
02 - davie jones with the king bees - louie, louie go home
03 - the manish boys - i pity the fool
04 - the manish boys - take my tip (listen directly in your browser)
05 - davy jones - that's where my heart is
06 - davy jones - i want my baby back
07 - davy jones - bars of the county jail (listen directly in your browser)
08 - davy jones with the lower third - you've got a habit of leaving
09 - davy jones with the lower third - baby loves that way
10 - davy jones with the lower third - i'll follow you
11 - davy jones with the lower third - glad i've got nobody
12 - david bowie with the lower third - can't help thinking about me
13 - david bowie with the lower third - and i say to myself    
14 - david bowie with the buzz - do anything you say
15 - david bowie with the buzz - good morning girl
16 - david bowie - dig everything
17 - david bowie - i'm not losing sleep

so these were the early-on-tracks; coming up next are the nine beckenham demos recorded in 1968. and though you might notice the recordings are a bit wobbly, at least that's what they are. and they are loveley, indeep.

so listen to:
(18) 1 - space oddity
(19) 2 - letter to hermione
(20) 3 - love song
(21) 4 - when i'm five
(22) 5 - live is a circus
(23) 6 - janine (listen directly in your browser)
(24) 7 - an occasional dream
(25) 8 - conversation piece
(26) 9 - the ching-a-ling song 

that's okay, isn't it? in the .rar-file that you can download two or three lines down below you will find some more pictures and some additional liner notes. it's all too beautiful. 

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)

and by the way: next door in my blog bewegnungen you can find the two-track-cd tv rebell featuring two 1967 david bowie songs in german, or what he conzittered as german annie weigh...


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