the human switchboard live in cleveland 1981; psychobeat for the advanced (in years)

payne it back: on the 6th of november 1981 the cleveland radio station WMMS broadcasted a live concert by the wonderful human switchboard in their coffee break show; a loudt and unheavyaintlay psychotic action pain-ting reprezentattering the missing link between the velvet underground and the 39 clocks. weirdie shored oceans of sounds, trancemeditatering the owl orff ze opstackulous. in 1982 ROIR released this show as one of their lost tapes that never got rereleased on vinyl or cd.
the human switchboard for this perfourmains were bob pfeifer on guitar and vocals, myrna macarian on farfisa and vocals, ron metz on drums, and steve calabria on bass. they played two rather short sets, and they can be downloarded here in their entiredty on the a-side and the b-side of the roir-tape.
who's landing in my hangar?
i can walk alone
sharpest girl
in this town
no heart
maybe (somebody wanted to help)
it's not fair
she invites
where the light breaks

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


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Many Thanks!

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Many thanks for this! I didn't know it even existed. I edited it into individual tracks, and it has more tracks because I isolated the two short interview segments. Here it is: http://www104.zippyshare.com/v/ZYV1VlRu/file.html
- Stinky

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love it - thank you !!!