pere ubu live in bremen 1981

sososorry there is a sizzling crackering spattering noise all overabout these sounds-here like they were resccued from a worn out record, but they arewere not, and they are so fnording rare that you might want to stand them anyway; and if you're not, you're not. this is pere ubu caught live in concert in bremen (northwestgermany) on the 21st of february 1981. pere ubu for this performance probably were david thomas on vocals, tony maymone on bass, anton fier on drums, allen ravenstine on synthesizers, and mayo thompson on guitars. and but as i am a complete loser in recognizing songs and their titles, here are just some keywords of what you might expect:

01 - spent a day under the water
02 - my feet under the water
03 - drunken sailors
04 - thinking about you
05 - ?
06 - good time
07 - real time
08 - shake!
09 - chokerman
10 - ants and grasshoppers
11 - ? and announcement

so here we you there we go:

(listen: click left / download: click right)

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Pinverarity said...

Many thanks for this; I didn't find the clicking distracting at all.

As for the track listing, I think I've got it, with one exception:

1. Rhapsody In Pink (0-3:58)
2. Go (3:59-7:03)
3. Caligari's Mirror (7:04-11:37)
4. Codex (11:38-14:16)
5. Ubu Dance Party (14:17-18:18)
6. Big Ed's Used Farms (18:19-21:10)
7. Real World (21:11-23:50)
8. Birdies (23:51-26:03)
9. Navvy (26:04-28:47)
10. Humor Me (28:48-31:43)
11. {not sure; this may be a version of 'Arabia' with lyrics, or something that ended up on Thomas' first solo work with the Pedestrians?} (31:44-36:47)
12. Lonesome Cowboy Dave (36:48-end)