andy mackay - in search of eddie riff (the complete version of his 1974 solo album, including some bonus tracks)

it was a latelatenotlaid summernight in 1972, when i first heard roxy music on medium wave radio luxembourg 208, and they summarized all i ever did, and all i ever wanted to do. listening to "virginia plain" for the first time was the revelation of all revelations. and in the following years, i had them all: the portsmouth sinfonia orchestra, the scratch orchestra, quiet sun, diamond head, the merseybeats, these foolish things, and of course "in search of eddie riff" by their saxophonist and oboist andy mackay; and i loved all these pullulating rhizomes and rootstocks in all their homogeneous diversity.
a short glimpse of what i felt in those days may be found while listening to their 1972/1973 recordings on this-here blog; but for today i would like to point your attention to andy mackay and his first solo album "in search of eddie riff": it was released in 1974, withdrawn at first sight, and re-released in 1975 with a slightly different track list. "past, present and future" was re-named as "pyramid of the night", "summer sun" and "a four legged friend" were omitted to make place for "wild weekend", "time regained" (his only collaboration with brian eno back in those days) and "long and winding road"; all of these tracks mentioned (plus three live rehearsal recordings) were included on the 1999 rerererelease of the album on the (wahrscheinlich german) label rifff records that is rather hard to find.
for your listening pleasure i did not only include all the rifff tracks of this album, but also the four bonus tracks riffffff included with the 1978 album "resolving contradictions", and a 1976 recording of "wild weekend" that andy mackay executed live with roxy music on their siren tour that i found on youtube.

so here is what:

01 - wild weekend
02 - end of the world
03 - walking the whippet
04 - what becomes of the broken hearted
05 - an die musik
06 - time regained
07 - the hour before dawn
08 - pyramid of night (past, present and future)
09 - long and winding road
10 - ride of the valkyries
12 - a four legged friend
14 - the hour before dawn (live rehearsal)
15 - walking the whippet (live rehearsal)

bonus tracks from the cd-version of "resolving contradictions"; 1978:
16 - trumpets near the mountains
17 - green and gold
18 - theme for tv

found on youtube:
20 - wild weekend (live with roxy music 1976)

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)


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