stanzas on sexual hygiene - a coumpilation of postoldschoolindustrial tracks released on the noutourious regelwidrig label in 1992; including de fabriek, nocturnal emissions, the grey wolves and konstruktivists

the headline says it all: it was 1992, the old school industrial noise wasn't dangerous anymore, we had had and had heard them all, and the second and the third wave of postschoolchaos, though they acted and performed as loud as their ancestors did, soundered like music for dysstraughted ameublements in our ears; harsh and illbient soundscapes they were, deeply rooted and cranked up really high, and we loved them as much as we had hated the first wave of uncontrollable and undercoumtrolled noise what of course we ain't had never done and so on and so on ad countradictionorinessum infiniteritum.
so what you will get to hear is some really nice noise, ment to "shock" you and simultaneously refusing to do so in order to entertain you through payne. what a nice way to turn seventeen or seventy. 
the long defunct regelwidrig label released these-here stanzas on sexual hygiene (link pointing to discogs with some additional infourmation) as a coumpilation of postetcetcetc bands in 1992 as a limited edition of 500 copies; my copy is number 30, as you will notice reguarding the scans. and this is what we did on our holidays:

01 - viktimized karcass - loaded man
02 - illusion of safety - jubilation
03 - de fabriek - untiltled
04 - contact with a curve - people say i'm crazy
05 - the grey wolves - savage sex (listen directly in your browser)
06 - due process - phenolethlomene
07 - xper xr - spell bind (live hong kong 1990)
08 - lagowski - mkultra fst
09 - konstruktivists - jihad
10 - blackhumour - three spoken words
11 - bourbonese qualk - duas lingus
12 - nocturnal emissions - it's your mother
13 - shock city - private parts (listen directly in your browser)
14 - mental anguish - nicu blues
15 - jouissance - cursed brood

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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