three 7-inch-vinyl-singles for your listening pleasure, featuring franks' (sic!) country playboys, the black vial, the circus of doom (i.e. JG of the 39 clocks), and the snifters from amsterdam

aint-here we go: you'll get not ten, not seven, not even five, but three seven-inch-vinyl-singles that i found deep down in the black holes of my record collection, and i don't kehr too much if you like them or not, because you will get them annieweigh and ernieway and innovay i chose; chonk? 

and auntiewhere you will find some rare items by franks' (sic!) country playboys, the black vial, the circus of doom, and the wonderbratfuelly underimperated snifters from amsterdamned. all songs can be listened to directly in your browser, there is no .zip- or .rar-file you are forced to download before listening to the music; but if you want to save the music to your hardveryhard-drive, please do not forget to save the pictures as well.hell. so here we go-go:

the snifters (from amsterdam)
two songs; one about a boy who likes boys, and one about a baby-child that likes punk. both songs were recorded and released in 1978; both songs are absoulutelay relevatourarey, loud and mindope-ning in most cases. if you don't change your life immediatelie-instantleigh the mourment that you hear these songs: you are dead.


the swamproom recordings 1990
this seven-inch-record was released in 1990 in a limited edition of 199 copies on the hannover swamp room records label. it featured very raw and undemployed demo-recordings by the circus of doom, witchwhat of course was jürgen gleue JG39 aka negrüj luege (sic!) all-allone at home demorecording fore noboredaddy butt me, cheaplay dissguised as the circus of doom, and on the other sight of this life whichis the same it featured the undernarratered liebfried loch aka the black vial withom-evenmore baldleyrecourded underlistenaybollowfi noise that you will love to hate.


franks' (sic!) country playboys
in this case, the internet and the world wide web and the dark net and the deep net are coumpleatelay clue- and helpless: nothing is known about this band; and nothing really means nothing. nothing. whow, but antiweight you can rearsom deaducktively at least some and the following thinks: first of all the first of all song "love" is a shmochshmaltzshnulze, too shmochshmaltzshnulzig to mention; the beside (though its the a-side oarrr the b-sight) called "fresno" is a reallynice countryrocking song. but nobody knows if it really happened. blabla, i woeren't bore you with annymoure guesses-about who frank thompson mighty-bee; you justgett anynfourmation that i have, and you'll fucking get out-there and fucking-o-research for your fnording selves ass all the facts there are are there in the scans and in the music:

and that's it for now, four know and fur ever!

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