audible rumbles volume one, 1996: the hampton grease band, baby lemonade, bevis frond, man, das weeth experience, tom rapp, outskirts of infinity, mooseheart faith, flying saucer attack, maurizio angus bidoli, magic hour and white heaven

the ptolemaic terrascope was a british magazine that started in 1989 to explore the obscure psychedelic sounds that influenced the wonderful bevis frond whilst turning into the most comprehensive source for information about mind expanding music throughout the centuries. editor phil mcmullen completed the long strange trip in 2004 with the release of PT#35. issues #1 up to #24 each included a vinyl-ep featuring unreleased tracks by the likes of nurse with wound, twink, high tide, spirit, cliff richard, man, vietnam veterans (to name but a few), issues #25 up to #35 each included a full length cd album with more rare and unreleased gems. all editions of the magazine are completely sold out.
to give you a short insight into what you might have missed we decided to share at least the supplements of PT#29 and PT#26 in this here blog; and now here is a little bit more. with the edition of terrascope #21 in september 1996 every subscriber received the wonderful cd "audible rumbles vol.1" for free, and this little gem has become rather rare throughout these years. right here and now you can listen to some exclusive music phil had given to the world back then, to decide if you really want to spend some 25 dollars on an original copy; and yes, i am totalitarily recommanding that you do.
so here we go:

01 - the hampton grease band - live improvisation 1970
02 - baby lemonade - never mind the hype (listen directly)
03 - bevis frond - hard life
04 - man - many are called
05 - das weeth experience - help me father
06 - tom rapp - wizard of is
07 - tom rapp - state u
08 - outskirts of infinity - killing floor
09 - mooseheart faith - another time
10 - flying saucer attack - all about dreams (listen directly)
11 - maurizio angus bidoli - fantastic trip
12 - magic hour - sunset variations (listen directly)
13 - white heaven - gravity

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)



spunkie said...

Thank you very much. Any chance you have bevis frond doing a 17min china ? They always want more.

Joel Rizzo said...

Wow. Thanks! Love these obscure psych comps. Looks like something curated by Byron Foley his self. Love it.