tom newman: the fine old faerie symphony from 1977 featuring mike oldfield and neil innes, plus some bonus tracks for your pleasure

yes, tom newman. i bought his first solo album fine old tom way back in 1975 just because i knew that fred frith was featured on some of its tracks; and it took some time for me to realize that i could like mister newman's playful music just for its own playfulness. and it took even more time to realize the odd mike-oldfield-connection and more important than that his rhizomaticly rooted connections into the canterbury scene. 
and eversince i started exploirating his mutual connexions to and or for within a lot of music that i liked i had to admit that i loved his nonavantgardexperimental approach quite a lot. the hermetic weirdness of his music is easily accessible for everyone.
tom newman released his third solo album faerie symphony on decca in 1977 as a collaboration with the likes of mike oldfield, neil innes, geoff westley and many others. in 1999 the german tempus fugit label rereleased the album including some bonus tracks from some of his other albums and some demo tracks. this version of the faerie symphony is what i am sharing with you right now.

faerie symphony
01 - the woods of
02 - fordin seachrain (listen directly in your browser)
03 - bean si (banshee)
04 - little voices of the tarans
05 - the fluter
06 - the seelie court
07 - the spell breaks
08 - the fairy song
09 - dance of daoine sidhe
10 - memories of culchulainn
11 - aillen mac midna
12 - the unseelie court (bad faeries)
13 - the woods of ...

bonus tracks
14 - sad sing (listen directly in your browser)
15 - excerpt from stonehenge
16 - will you be mine in the morning?
17 - excerpt from concierto de mango in e major
18 - day of the percherons (demo) (listen directly in your browser)
19 - the soujourn to the dun of culann the smith
20 - the courting of emer
21 - superman (demo)
22 - cycle for moving dunes

special bonus-track
23 - sad sing (german version) (listen directly in your browser)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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