nixon denies watergate and the energy crisis in 1974, the katmandu groove sherpas are waiting for the last hero in 1987, and the hook 'n' pull gang poures it all down yer throat: three seven-inchers found in my collection for your pleasure

three seven-inch-vinyl-singles i found in the deep black holes of my record collection that have got nothing in common except for the fact that i unearthed them in the deep black holes of my record collection; blabla. blurt if you mind you donned ingore-ants, me friedsome ghouregoo mucks. you can listen to all of these tracks directlay in your browser by clickingg withe a mouseleftclick; but if for annie rearson on erath you want to save the picturesk as well you will have to save them with with a rightmouseclick chewsing "save as"; it's sympol. just try.

so let us start with richard nixon and what he had to say about the energy crisis in 1974 and the watergate incident and about robert or walter trump, do'ald you. these recordings were recordered by the post-noveltery exprut dickie goodman in 1974, and they are soundick ass fresh ass you caint gosh oh my fnording gosh like all=avery presidump the usoffa hated ever hat.

four the secount of all we got the coumpletedlay unknown geörmän krautautoffit the katmandu groove sherpas, who recorded and released their only 7inch in 1987, though they sound as if they got lost somewhere in 1974 and crawled out of the darknett without any foggy notion about what had has or have been happening in the meanbetweentime. the only evidence that they really existed is a mention of a concert they executed in a borstal youth center in immenstadt of all places on the 31st of october 1986. unfourtunatedly my copy of their only record is rather worn, so both tracks i'm sharing with you are starting off rather wobbly; burt you will like them annieweigh.

and the thirdiest of all these three singles i found in my collection is the only 7inch the hook 'n' pull gang from edinburgh ever released in 1987; and though it is not all too rare, it is here because i love it. listen, learn, and singalong to the missing link between realpunk and postrealitypunk, and tearjerking the both of them all are two, watzemetter!




PHSStudiosRJ said...

Many thanks for sharing: katmandu groove sherpas !
Very good band, it is unfortunate that they have no more records...

Would I very much like to do a cleaning and remastering on the original file (lossless) if you allow it?
Please send both tracks to my address: phsstudiosrj@oi.com.br

Soon after, I'll re-send you the final result

Rock On


TPE 15 said...

Hi, you might like to know The Hook n Pull Gang reformed and played in October 2014 as a three piece and then again as a 4 piece twice in 2017 and once so far this year. They have also recorded some of their older songs (see links below) and are currently writing new material. Anyone who loves that single of theirs must have good taste. All the best to you