big vern with john cale in 1989: lullabies for lager louts. out of the bargain bin, into the fire. mittelmasse for you.

you can either buy this album on discogs for two dollar or two euro, or you won't find it no-where at all, except for now=here: "lullabies for lager louts" by the big vern, recorded and released on vinyl (in spain) and on cd (in france) in 1989, and rereleased on mediaphon cd in stuttgart in 1991. why, where and when john cale met these british guys unfourtunately is not passed on, but at least he produced most of this album, sang and played some keyboards on it, and was involved with some of the lyrics. he liked them a lot, obviously.
and this of course might be a rather obscure connection to the velvet underground, but if you listen close enough it de-claires as obvious in the melodies and in the over-all-settings: punk had long gone astray and the punks re-o-curved to what john cale had done in 1971 and long before that and long agogo and ever-soule-after. and most of the times they sound like "early" john cale, john cale is not involved (though as a producer he is, of course).
so listen:

01 - greedy
02 - premonition
03 - AK 47
04 - my madonna (listen directly: click left)
05 - zoo
06 - shamrock
07 - where've you been?
08 - interior design
09 - fountain
10 - empty streets
11 - gun
12 - crocodile tears
13 - injury time (listen directly: click left)

that's it.

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)