BDMT - stuttgart 1988. trying to hip and to hop out the 39 clocks and very much successoring. two sights of a single that no body noticed and no body cared about: lououououder than you!

markus ist inzwischen professor für grafikdesign in weimar; er hat sich also nicht verbogen im laufe der jahre, sondern extrapoliert, sozusagen, nicht verhärtet, sondern verstärkt, dem wesen bauhaus sich sinnvoll angliedernd. when professor markus weisbeck lived in stuttgart and was not a professor at all and lived in a messy flat close to mine from something like 1985 until 1990 i taught him a lot of things about punk, 'punk' and the 39 clocks. yes, as you might have guessed, it was a lot of fun: very loud noise and more thn a glimpse of psychodeliria.
in 1988 he took some of my can albums and x-sampled a lot of hitherto unheard sounds fromoff them to use them with BDMT, a rockx and rollx and noisex unit he had with the speed metalurgicax guitaristx binder, i am very sorry, whose first name i forgot. the two of them both produced this=here wonderful seven-inch-record that nobody noticed or even bought when it was released in 1988: a mix-up and a set-up of 'pop' and breakingdancing tunes: stuttgart was never before as close as this to conquer the world with queersquare tunes and no body noticed. so here it is: again!

(two tracks plus scans / direct download)

wer keine lust zum downloaden von blöden alten bildern hat, kann sich die single meinetwegen auch direkt anhören if you don't want to unzip annie get your old foulder with the pictures and all:

listen to BDMT directly and directed end die arrackted!