LOOK OUT! COMIN' DOWN FAST! a gathering of garbage, lies and reflections on CHARLES MANSON released in italy in 1993; heavy-end-lie expanded version

and in a moment of passion, get the glory like charles manson. glad to see you go-go-gogo-goodbye. in 1993 the italian helter skelter label invited a whole bunch of not all too indifferent noise artists to pay their dues and debts to charles manson without warshipping him all too much. and most of them did. and now that they ("they"!) had cankered and poisoned and killed charles manson in prison i thought you might be longing to hear what these artists refering to the pop-cultural phenomenomen of charles manson had to say way back then.
the compilation "comin' down fast" is a wonderful wooden reason to stand in line and to crash the sound. you'll get some noise by the likes of david peel, eugene chadbourne or controlled bleeding, enhanced with some bonus tracks i found in my collection.


the cd comin' down fast:

01 - david peel and the lower east side - hemp hop smoker
02 - motorpsycho - manson's children (listen directly in your browser)
03 - starfuckers - mechanical man
04 - controlled bleeding - bound in sone
05 - limbo - you're lost, sharon t.
06 - meathead - you owe me
07 - TAC - pigs and jackasses
08 - jesus fuck & damurderers - sick city (listen directly in your browser)
09 - skullflower - spiderdrift
10 - mana erg - man's son
11 - eugene chadbourne - how can you kill me, i'm already dead (parts 1-5)

and the bonus tracks comin' down even faster:

12 - siemers - manson1 (number one of two sketches i recorded in 2002; but never mind nevermind: both are very short and you won't be harmed all too much)

13 - the manson fragments (the voice of charles manson laughing and talking about punk, water, the us of a, authority, manson and beyondness; collected on the world wide web from different sources in 1999)
14 - the beach boys - never learn not to love (their 1968 version of the charles manson song "cease to exist"; learn more on wikipedia, if you dare to trust "them")

15 - charles manson - cease to exist (demo recording, 1968)

16 - siemers - manson2 (see track12; listen directly in your browser)

17 - grateful dead - mason's children (it's mason nonmention not manson: recorded live at hollywood pop on the 28th of december 1969)

18 - thy mystyry tryck

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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