SANTA'S GOT A GTO! rodney bingenheimer's favourite x-mas songs from 1996; featuring nina hagen, redd kross and the ramonas

ah, it's a prunkroirkink christmas noise for your listening pleasure: rodney bingenheimer, the elder god of slinky punkpop, deadicated thishis compilation of christmas carols to his mother, thee belovinged goredmother of  plasticdisco, klezmerock, raw power and radicilous shmaltz. she would have loved it, and so will you. for more information on the bands involved please check the entry on discogs.it was easy, it was cheap; go and do it!
you may either buy this cd via ebay for some 50 dollar or via amazon germany for 200 dollar, you may add it to your wantlist on discogs as many others did, you may download it for free at dionysus records as mp3-files with 160 kbps (but without the booklet or any additional information), or you may download it right here as mp3-files with 320 kbps, including scans of the booklet and some very obscure bonus tracks. it's up to you.

so here we go:

01 - ramonas - santa's got a GTO (listen directly in your browser)
02 - ride - like a snowflake
03 - froSTed - frosty the snowman
04 - wondermints - ski party
05 - home grown - christmas crush
06 - the diaboliks - santa's sack (listen directly in your browser)
07 - pencil test - runaway christmas
08 - nina hagen - mary x-mas
09 - the boss martian - christmas time
10 - redd kross - super sunny christmas
11 - geolyn - deck the halls
12 - methadone cocktail - i don't believe in santa
13 - jigsaw seen - god rest ye merry, gentlemen (listen directly in your browser)
14 - sleepington - i'll be home for christmas
15 - velouria - 'til next hanukkah
16 - wednesday week - christmas here
17 - sugarfree - last christmas
18 - yid kids - santa doesn't come to little jewish children's houses
19 - cranes - the christmas angel
20 - olivia barash - silent night (listen directly in your browser)
21 - the characters with rodney bingenheimer - the characters visit rodney 

plus some bonus tracks:

22 -  sturclub - oh tannenbaum (germany; 2004; session outtake) (listen directly in your browser)
23 - the rolling stones - cosmic christmas (september 1967; their first and last attempt to control a moog synthesizer)
24 - das furlines - oh tannenbaum (1986; found on the midnight christmas mess compilation)
25 - captain sensible - christmas poem (found on the smash hits christmas flexi 1981)
26 - the sonics - don't believe in christmas (1965) (listen directly in your browser)

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)


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