white negroes in deutschland: kim fowley live in berlin in october 1992 featuring chris wilson from the flamin' groovies

one of the very few live recordings of kim fowley that have survived, and what a great show this was. the audience hated him from the very first moment his underrehearsed band tried to produce some interrelated music on stage, and he does not care at all. right in the middle of the performance the organiser asks the audience if they reall want to go on listening to this shit, and they all go NO! and BOO! and kim fowley goes on and on until they literally shove and club him off the stage, and still he is talking and talking and talking his mind and the audience is not able or allowed to understand or to see that this moment in rockandrollhistory is the one moment that keeps the whole universe all together.
the cd white negroes in germany was recorded on the 25th and 26th of october 1992 at the neue welt in berlin and featured chris wilson of the flamin' groovies on guitar, a drummer, some special guests and some naked girls. tracks one to nine are the only remaining fragments of the live concert on the 26th of october before kim fowley had to flee backstage and back to the hotel as fast as possible, the other tracks were recorded during the rehearsal on the 25th of october; tracks 15 and 16 can not be found on the vinyl version of this performance. 

so here we go:

live in berlin on the 26th of october 1992:
01 - berlin boogie
02 - moonlight in germany
03 - petra kelly's dead
04 - back in the ussr (listen directly in your browser)
05 - gloria
06 - peter r. defends kimania
07 - skin head boot boy mambo
08 - o.k. shithead (listen directly in your browser)
09 - third world girl (spanish fly) (listen directly in your browser)

live in rehearsal on the 25th of october 1992:
10 - heart of a dog
11 - e.e.c.c. blues
12 - soul of a madman (listen directly in your browser)
13 - world beat party
14 - night of pagan sex
15 - on the autobahn (listen directly in your browser)
16 - rockin' in the balkans 

later on that night kim fowley barricaded himself in room 719 of the berlin ibis hotel with some members of the stuttgart postpsaychoredelic band metabolismus who had helped him to escape. kim fowley did not stop to brabble and to blather and to spiel, and the metabolisten accompanied his uncontrollable brambardizing. a few weeks later a tape with some twenty minutes of this performance was released as sounds of an empty room on the metabolismus label and the 7-inch-vinyl stranded in stuttgart, produced by wenne voran and myself, followed soon after. 
you may find both releases in this=here blog following the links i provided above (with lots of additional information); but for your listening pleasure i added the tape sounds of an empty room just exactly right here.

17 - sounds of an empty room - kim fowley and metabolismus (listen directly in your browser)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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