some german postkraut psychodelirions: demo recordings from zimmerman o. o. of off o. aura and montana blue: hanging around like no-one else would do, oh yeah

ah, the german psychotick underground of the late eighties and early nineties, the nephews and nieces and niches in the aftermath of the 39 clocks, the beauty contest or the kastrierte philosophen and their decent desc-end-ants, fed up in any sense of the meaning of the words with lou reed, kevin ayers and kim fowley, they were so wonderful, so beautiful, and so damned. so for today we will be listening to some demo recordings underproduced by zimmerman o. o. of off o. aura in 1992 and montana blue in 1986. both bands came from nowhere and went straight back there, after releasing some handful of great records. so here=there:

zimmerman o. o. of off o. aura were part of the hannover-nienburg-verden-bremen-wümme-oldenburg scene of crime, deeply rooted in a very unexcitedly tradition of longlone psychopunkeering dark stars like the perc, the black vial and the phantom payne. these demo recordings have probadly been produced sometime between 1996 and 1999 (my first guess was 1992; but in the comments trepan pointed my attention to the email address, so i corrected this), but nobody knows if it really happened. they released quite a loft of records until 1999, and the disappeared and or not.
so listen:

01 - away
02 - ghostly fake
03 - residential home (listen directly in your browser)
04 - new mexico
05 - handy beaches

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


montana blue from cologne were a little bit more stalwart and tangible, with some shorter tracks and some popasartaspop on their minds. they were leon kieven on bass, jiri douda on drums, and william lee self on guitar and vocals; these demo recordings were selfproduced in 1985 or 1986, some time before blaine l. reininger joined them and before konrad "conny" plank produced their first longplayer. montana blue recorded four albums until 1991 and then mostly got lost in the process of growing old.

01 - look after me
02 - 12 or 13
03 - waiting by the walk (listen directly in your browser)
04 - what she needs
05 - greatest show

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


Trepan said...

Zimmerman O.O. sound surprisingly clear for a demo cassette.. I notice they included a university email on the demo, was email so prevalent in Germany in 1992? I ask because looking thru discogs, 3 of these tunes also appear on their last LP in 1999. Very cool band, maybe they'd have been less obscure if they omitted a few "O's" from their name. Thanks for this rarity

rvd said...

yes, trepan, i guess you are right. gregor kessler of the bremen hayfever magazine did not use this email address earlier than 1996, so this tape seems to be from any time between 1996 and 1999. thank you for pointing me to that indication.

Anonymous said...

I think they sound great... would love to hear more from this band. Cheers,